4 Things Advertising Can’t Fix

4 Things Advertising Can’t Fix

So you own a small business and you have finally got your dream website up and running with various links to your social media pages and blog posts that you are pretty passionate about.

This is the type of excitement that all startups live for right? Soon you realize that launching an amazing website doesn’t mean you have clients rolling in, thus a very natural thought would be ‘let’s advertise’, because more traffic means more clients right?

Wrong…sometimes in life no matter how much traffic you drive to your site you might still not hit the sweet spot, because guess what…there are some things that advertising just can’t fix, and if you’re not meeting your customer’s expectations, you’re not creating loyal connections.

Here are a few things we can’t fix by boosting posts and chasing audiences online…so let’s chat about this before your next big campaign:



Now this might sound harsh, but we are not in the business to make things sound pretty (unless its copy writing and images that we create). In the advertising world (especially in agency’s) there is this one golden rule…you may NEVER tell a client if their baby is ugly. Obviously we mean this in the most metaphorical way. So many times clients run to advertising specialists saying I need your expertise to market my baby, without looking at their baby and thinking…” how can I make my baby work for my consumer ?”(or dress it up to look less scary). So that raises the question (because we know a mom never thinks they have an ugly baby) how do you know if you need to improve the look of your brand and/or service? The answer is simple, get your experts to do an honest competitor analysis, and get some pro designers to give input on where your brand stands in the greater scheme of things. There is always room for improvement (so you don’t always need a makeover), but sometimes you do need honest feedback. Don’t forget to also get feedback from potential clients, because the only person more important then an honest marketer is an honest consumer.


Dear clients, you can have the most beautiful logo and website but if you don’t have a strategy and more importantly an action plan you will be paying for a domain that is almost like that pair of shoes you bought two years ago and never wear. Branding shouldn’t replace good strategy and smart planning— in the world of business, you do in fact need to be an all-rounder or have a team on board that knows how to make magic happen.  Chat to a media/marketing strategist this will bring together your content strategy, online voice and ultimately connect you to your audience in a more authentic way.


We all know that a small business can’t be everything to everyone, but yet how many times do we see people trying to do exactly that? You say you want to work with a more premium audience, but yet you end up taking in the small businesses that don’t help your return on investment. If you are trying to be more than one voice, consider reevaluating your strategy. You can’t sell hot wings at a vegetarian bar, as you will only confuse your audience. Instead of catering for everyone decide what it is you want to do and who you want to work with, it is as simple as that.


Have you ever walked into a five-star hotel and paid the same as a two-star hotel? Exactly, as one knows in life you pay a certain fee for a certain quality of work or service. And building a business that you think feels premium but doesn’t charge the correct fee…now that confuses everyone. The people that want to use your services get scared when they see you are undercharging, and the people that feel they are getting a good deal might wonder if your business is legit. Its imperative that you get the offer right because we can drive all the traffic in the world to your site, but if your offering is confusing we might be wasting your advertising spend.

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