Why should I use an expert to market my business?

Why should I use an expert to market my business?

Let’s face it…it is very easy to write a few words on a post and hit the ‘boost’ button on Facebook. It is also really easy to watch a bunch of SEO videos online and start playing around with keywords to get more traffic to your website.


The truth, however, is unless you are consistently optimising, analysing, comparing, keeping yourself updated with the latest industry trends and ultimately working towards a larger marketing strategy. A lot of this could be the same as throwing money down the drain, because ‘likes’ on Facebook doesn’t mean sales, and the marketing industry is becoming an art that is increasingly difficult to master.

So then, why should you be using an expert to market your business? And if your business is too small to get a specialist why should you attend a workshop and learn from an expert? Besides the obvious points that are mentioned above, there are 4 main reasons we’d like to elaborate on.


Here are our top 4 reasons for getting
an expert on board:


The advertising spectrum, algorithms and digital world are batshit crazy:

Jip we are not even going to beat around the bush here, as full-time advertisers and marketers we are at times barely keeping our heads above the water with huge industry changes happening daily. Social media and programmatic algorithm changes require more than ever before, that you understand who your audience is and how they are behaving online, this means there is a lot more to advertising than just clicking the boost button on Facebook, if you are not building robust reporting systems that measure month on month tracking and conversions you could be attracting the incorrect audience and buying engagement that is completely irrelevant to your business. If you are not integrating your social media plans with your SEO strategy and pixel tracking to retarget audiences, you might already be throwing your money away (if none of this even makes sense to you then you might need to call us immediately). We are strong believers that google knows a lot, but as with many things sometimes getting an expert on board means saving time and money in the long term.

Reporting and setting KPI’s means measurability:

This might be a hard pill to swallow, but if you don’t currently have a strict reporting and measurement system in place, how can you grow your business?
Without digital reporting and setting benchmarks you will have no idea if you are moving in the right direction! The great thing about having an expert onboard is that not only do you have someone who you can hold accountable to ensure your advertising is performing well but you have a partner who is driving your business to its optimal levels online. This ensures you have someone to provide you with audience insights, content requirements and ultimately better results.

Honesty is the best policy:

We have blogged before about the importance of having a specialist on board to give feedback on what is working and what can be improved, the great thing about being part of a community like Social Time is that you have a to great sound board that can give you advice on what is the right thing do in a responsible way. The truth is as advertisers we make a lot of data driven decisions across various different industries for our clients, this means there are a lot of learnings and insights we can share to help you market yourself. Whether it through a content strategy or social media strategy we have experience that will benefit your business and honest conversations with our clients often inspires pushing the boundaries of what you think you can and can’t do as a business.

Because time is money and you have bigger fish to fry:

Running a business is complicated and often requires wearing many different hats. The truth is developing a strong advertising strategy requires a robust marketing strategy to plug into and often our client have really amazing products/services and bigger goals they are chasing and focusing on the technical elements of marketing holds them back. Having a specialised team on board allows you to do two things – dream bigger and focus on reaching your next business goal.

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